Design requires making a choice. Mission Samriddhi could either focus on a particular region / vertical, and build afresh ; or support existing initiatives. We chose the latter, and will fully leverage the three levers of impact and scale : sensitivity of NGOs / SHGs  ; reach of government ; and agility of the private sector.

Projects are carefully scrutinised for potential social impact before they are brought into Mission Samriddhi. Projects will be tracked for outcome measures and community development markers over time. The emphasis will be on building scalable roll-out templates that will help extend successes within a cluster to other projects and across geographies.

The 8 design pivots that reflect in all we do, as we understand and help address challenges that are holding back the ambitions of our project partners. 

1) No-constraints thinking

2) Embrace ambiguity

3) Trust implicitly

4) Commit financials

5) Seek out wisdom. Assemble varied skillsets

6) Build structures that enable freedom of action

7) Create an open learning culture

8) Sweat the details