The Level Zero (LO) framework helps keep sight of the big picture  while  encouraging knowledge shelving and wiring. It provides a brick-level focus of the scope and scale of the task at hand, and the expertise required to drive meaningful change.

Imagine each region re-designed and equipped to be a Socially Empowered Unit (SEU), which drives individual and social empowerment. Across C1 through C7 are seven holistic living dimensions spanning education ; vocational training ; lifeskills ; community integration ; health & nutrition ; livelihood ; and recreation & wellbeing.

Level 1 (L1) drill downs explore possible individual programme elements. The framework provides flexibility for fine-tuning building blocks as well variable approaches across projects and locations. As a blue print, it provides a scalable single sheet view of our compass heading.

Agriculture is flagged in layer D to remind us of the focus required to provide sustainable solutions in rain-fed regions perennially impacted by a drought-flood cycle, and held back by the adoptions unscientific agricultural practices. E through 1 rows represent the five ‘how to’ service layers. Learn more about the Nukkad Project concept and the central role of the Community Development Centre in connecting services with beneficiaries.

Nukkad Project – Social Entrepreneurship for Holistic Human Development