Mission Samriddhi currently supports projects in seven clusters including : Leadership Capacity Building ; Farm-to-Fabric (organic khadi) ; Farm-to-Table (organic foods) ; Scientific Agricultural Training ; Education ; Community Health ; and Grass roots Relief.
To achieve desired levels of impact and scale, Mission Samriddhi Project leverages the hands-on sensitivity of project leaders ; the reach of the Government ; and the agility of the private sector. We provide strategic interventions where relevant, focus on addressing constraints and on the all-important change in mindset by encouraging project participants to no longer be restrained by limiting beliefs.
In each of the seven project clusters, investments have begun in project design ; capacity expansion, process optimisation and deployment against specific objectives. Note : the clusters and listed projects are indicative. This list will evolve over time as more clusters and projects are added. Individual projects are at varying stages of development and maturity.
Cluster #1 : Leadership Capacity Building
101           GSDS Gandhi Fellowships
102           School of Design Thinking
103           Polestar
104           Institute of Panchayat Leadership
Cluster #2 : Farm-to-Fabric (Organic cotton production through printed fabric)
201           Magan Khadi (Magan Sanghralaya, Wardha)
Cluster #3 : Farm-to-Table (Organic produce from cultivation through marketing)
301           Sevagram Wild Honey (CBeed, Sevagram)
302           Jeevaniya Jaivik Produce (UP) (scheduled for Q1 2017)
Cluster #4 : Scientific Agricultural Training 
401           Agrindus – cultivation and value addition onsite training in a 2-year residential programme with access to experimental  1 acre plots (Wardha) 
Cluster #5 : Education
501           Ullas – Diary of Dreams and Touch the Soil programmes across 86 districts in 5 states (Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra, Telangana and Delhi NCR) reaching 1,91,000 students in 587 schools.

502          TARKEYBEIN – English reading & comprehension system with a focus on grades 1 through 5 in government schools, spanning content development & distribution ; teacher enablement ; impact research (Delhi)  

Cluster #6 : Community Health
601           Sukoon IV Hybrid cycle rickshaws (Delhi)
602           Community Eye Hospital (Delhi)
Cluster #7 : Grass-roots relief
701           DoGoodNow initiative spanning Drought relief ; Watershed management ; Women’s empowerment ; Flood relief ; NGO registry and project-specific donor connect

Start Up Nukkad in the last row of the Projects LO features a growing number of technology start ups with the ability to add considerable value to the projects ecosystem.