Creating an ecologically sustainable model of development and a climate-resilient future is at the core of all interventions leading to Ecological development.

Ecological Development consists of natural resource management, water conservation, soil conservation, climate change mitigation, biodiversity conservation, disaster risk reduction, and renewable energy.

The activities include empowering the forest management committees, creating awareness among the community regarding their forest rights, facilitating the process of developing village-level biodiversity conservation plans, developing nurseries of native forest trees and distributing them for plantation, conservation of the commons, river rejuvenation and checking soil erosion. Awareness and Capacity Building of CFRMC members on roles and responsibilities, forest rights, NTFP collection and processing and controlling Forest Fires is an important intervention which increases community participation in ecological development.

Organising sanitation campaigns, promoting solid waste management pits, and building community toilets by fostering linkages with Swacchh Bharat Mission in villages. Creating awareness regarding Seasonal Health hazard preparedness is an important initiative being undertaken in all the clusters.

River Rejuvenation

Grameen Samasaaya Mukti Trust (GSMT), a partner organisation of Mission Samriddhi, has been working dedicatedly in the Yavatmal district towards Natural Resource Management. The ‘Nirguda River Rejuvenation Campaign’, designed and implemented by GSMT with the support from Mission Samriddhi, focused on the revival of the Nirguda River to increase river water infiltration, recharge groundwater and harvest rainwater to ensure the supply of water for irrigation. Under the initiative, GSMT and its partners revived 16 Km of the river in the upper catchment of the river, following the Doha model. At its full potential, the intervention would directly benefit a population of around 9000 across 17 villages by boosting agriculture, and horticulture and improving the availability of drinking water for more than 1800 households.

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