Our Work

We at Mission Samriddhi believe in the cumulative strength of Celebrate, Connect, and Catalyse - Celebrating what is working, Connecting people, process and technologies to drive scale & Catalysing the change by providing competence, confidence, education and funding.

We believe in the power of dreaming. Change is possible only when we believe in the change. Development and prosperity are possible only from the position of self-esteem, self-pride and self-belief. Mission Samriddhi believes in empowering the rural and marginalised communities to dream the change by enhancing their self-worth.

We attempt to become the wind beneath the wings of our people, because they need to be the change that they want. We can only assist, and help them dream of, and strive towards a much better future.

Cluster Development Program (CDP)


Our Presence

Celebrate ...

What is working

Connect ...

People, Process and Technologies to drive scale

Catalyse ...

the change by providing Competence, Confidence, Education and Funding