Cluster Development Program

Mission Samriddhi applied Design Thinking to co-create the Community Development Framework (CDF) for the holistic and sustainable development of local communities and applied it to design the Cluster Development Programme (CDP), keeping a cluster of Gram Panchayats as the basic unit of development

The CDF which comprises of Personal, Social, Economic, Ecological and Institutional Development of the local communities is implemented in the chosen clusters through the Cluster Development Program (CDP) which is essentially a partnership between the Community, our local Development Accelerator (on ground implementation CSO) and Mission Samriddhi. CDP is designed to understand the local issues, prioritize them and implement solutions which are ultimately owned and sustained by the community. Capacity building of the local communities is therefore an important element of CDP so that if the local institutions are fully developed , then they are in a position to chart their own destiny.

In a nutshell, CDP is nothing but CDF in action – cohesive action amongst all interested stakeholders for the holistic development of the community.

Holistic human development
of rural India

Mission Samriddhi also supports additional initiatives across various states of India that fall outside the ambit of the holistic Cluster Development Programme (CDP), but follow the Community Development Framework (CDF).

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