Personal development consists of shaping vision and purpose; developing leadership capacities; encouraging a growth mindset; strengthening constitutional, cultural, social and personal values and inculcating the spirit of volunteerism.

Mindset shift to bring about a behavioral change leading to increased community participation, awareness and a desire to see inclusive development in the gram panchayats; creating a cadre of trained & devoted local resource personnel to lead the community development process is the key focus of initiatives leading to personal development.

Samriddhi Yatra:

“Seeing is Believing”. Samriddhi Yatra, an experiential learning intervention for representatives from aspirational Panchayats, is designed by Mission Samriddhi to inspire, visualise dreams and challenge limiting beliefs. A flagship initiative of Mission Samriddhi, Samriddhi Yatra was started in the year 2017 as an intervention that provides GP representatives an opportunity to meet change makers who have brought about development in their Gram Panchayat. It is to instill in them the confidence that they too can lead their village towards prosperity and development. It is a collective learning process, triggering a mindset transformation that if we can dream it, we can do it. Several Samriddhi Yatras have been facilitated in several states as this flagship initiative keeps growing.

Unmukt Workshop:

Unmukt workshop along with Samriddhi Yatra is part of the ‘Preparing the Soil Initiative’, which helps to shift the mindset of GP representatives and change their belief system. It is a platform where community representatives come together to share their best practices and constraints based on ground realities. Using Design Thinking principles, they learn to prioritise their needs/focus areas, practice active listening, learn from each other and from established Development Accelerators to collectively chart and own a roadmap of change for their GP.

Constitution for Citizen Action:

Constitutional education is an essential building block as it shapes mind sets, abilities and skills of citizens towards nation building. We, The People Abhiyan (WTPA) has been working towards constitution and citizenship education since the last 12 years with significant success achieved with citizens in varied contexts. Mission Samriddhi (MS) and WTPA have been partners in the pursuit of scaling this effort and WTPA has built standardised program and collateral with support from MS.

Constitution for Citizen Action (CCA) is a training program that aims to empower citizens to use constitutional understanding and methods to address their issues more effectively in daily life. It is built on our belief and experience that when citizens are empowered, they are able to exercise their agency, find solutions to their problems and act as powerful advocates for development, their own and others. Currently, CCA has been taken to our clusters in UP, MP and Maharashtra orienting citizens on applying constitutional values and principles to address daily life issues.

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